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Arlecchino Disco Funky Rare Groove - Selected by : DJ Lelli - DJ Ghello [Doppio Vinile]

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Arlecchino Disco Funky Rare Groove [Doppio Vinile]

Selected by DJ Lelli - DJ Ghello


Disco 1

a1. bob seger - bo diddley.

a2. lelli-leonardi - time to fly.

a3. the wild magnolias - handa wanda.

a4. walter jenkins - funky walk (the money talk).

a5. botho lucas singers - zigarillo.

b1. the last minister - groovy-era.

b2. hamilton bohannon - bohannon's beat.

b3. tommy stewart - bump and hustle music.

b4. bobby byrd - back from the death.

b5. manu dibango - dikalo.

Disco 2

c1. jack asfhord - hotel sheet.

c2. soul searchers - think .

c3. young-holt unlimited - rubber lips.

c4. bar-kays - humpin' birimbao.

c5. chuck brown & the soul searchers - berro e sombaro.

c6. b.b. cunningham, jr. - let it all hang out.

d1. kool & the gang - spirit of the boogie.

d2. nilo toledo - the gold coast.

d3. som orlando silveira - big splash.

d4. black buster - bump the bump.

d5. ju-par universal orchestra - chicago calypso.

d6. johnny pate - you can’t even walk in the park.

d7. quincy jones - hikky-burr (theme from "the bill cosby show")

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